In 1924, twenty forward-thinking real estate brokers banded together to form the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association, known as REBA.

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About REBA

La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association is a professional organization open to Real Estate Brokers, Salespersons and real estate related affiliates, such as lenders, title and escrow reps, insurance agents, and reps for other home-related services. Each Wednesday morning, members meet at the REBA building to pitch current and upcoming listings before heading out for a whirlwind tour of properties for sale. Invaluable networking takes place among the REBA members and affiliates. Relationships built here provide an added benefit for buyers and sellers.



The REBA constitution drafted in 1924 states; “To secure for its members the benefit of united effort and concerted power, to the end that the evils and annoyances connected with the transaction of the business of real estate and real estate brokerage, shall be abated; to promote good fellowship and fair dealing in such business.”

Today, REBA strives to maintain those ideals, to elevate the transaction of real estate beyond salesmanship to a higher standard. Setting aside competitive impulses for the sake of our clients, celebrating each other’s achievements, and championing each other successes while offering our clients the best representation possible.



Representing properties in La Jolla (or any high-end community) is a different kind of experience. Homes often see multiple improvements, remodels and full tear downs between owners. Not many communities see that level of change in housing stock. Most developments or subdivisions outside La Jolla offer 4-7 variations on a theme that even 10-15 years down the road are still evident. In La Jolla, each property is unique and not like the other, meaning you must see it to be able to sell it. The REBA caravan is the best way for an agent to educate themselves on the La Jolla market and allows them to speak confidently to their client(s).

Our ongoing monthly educational programs also offer creative and interesting learning opportunities to expand your real estate knowledge.



Selling real estate can be a trial in self-motivation. However, having an organization like REBA creates a community of contemporaries to draw on. Meaning, you have a constant resource for brainstorming, partnering, and support. Attending the weekly caravan meeting gives agents the opportunity to watch the best agents in the business ply their craft. Many REBA members network and often put together deals before, during, and after the caravan meeting. Having been a part of La Jolla for almost 100 years, we have seen many changes to real estate, yet REBA’s longevity suggests our core principles endure.

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We proudly help represent Real Estate Agents in the La Jolla community with a weekly caravan and meeting along with many more promotional tools.


Each month REBA presents an educational opportunities to expand agents knowledge. Realize your full potential through our educational seminars.


Discover La Jolla neighborhood by neighborhood and enjoy additional marketing avenues within our REBA community.

The Facility

Rent one of the largest meeting spaces in La Jolla where mid-century style meets this century’s technology.

Local Resources

Explore the services offered by our affiliates including lenders, title and escrow, insurance, marketing and other home-related services.


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I wanted to truly recognize REBA as the best professional organization I belong to as a luxury realtor. I have been a member of REBA for over 15 years, and have conducted over $75,000,000 in business with fellow REBA members over my years of affiliation with this outstanding organization.

Jim McInerney

Pacific Sothebys International Realty

My favorite sale to-date came from REBA. I was working with a couple who had strong roots in owning and refurbishing historically significant properties. I found them an off-market opportunity via a REBA connection. Because of a REBA community connection I got them a private showing, and we put an off-market deal together.

Patrick Cairncross

Berkshire Hathaway

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