REBA Policy

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• To secure for its members the benefit of united effort and concentrated power to the end that evils and annoyances connected with the transaction of business in Real Estate and Real Estate Brokerage shall be abated; 

• To promote good fellowship and fair dealing in such business; 

• To protect both its members and the public in general from irresponsible, unprincipled, and dishonest dealers in Real Estate; 

• To promote the enactment of legislation for the protection of property rights and the dealings pertaining thereto; 

• To do all else in the power of the Association and its members which may tend to the upbuilding, the stability, and the dignity of the business of dealing in Real Estate.

REBA Membership

1. Membership Requirements. Membership is open to active, licensed California Real Estate Brokers, Salespersons, and broker offices in good standing with the Department of Real Estate1 and other professionals in the real estate industry, including lenders and title and escrow representatives (Affiliates). Salespersons and Brokers working as Salespersons cannot be members unless their broker office and broker of record are also members. Membership in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is not required. 

2. Membership Fees. The current membership fee for a licensed Broker or Salesperson is $440 per year, due semi-annually on January 1st and July 1st. The current membership fee for a brokerage office (individual broker office, corporation office, or branch office) is $500, one time. The current membership fee for an Affiliate is $500 per year, due each Oct. 1st. Membership fees are non-refundable. 

3. Suspension; Revocation. REBA membership may be suspended or revoked, in REBA’s sole discretion, for violation of its policies.

Dues Payments & Reinstatement

1. Members who fail to pay their dues with-in the first 60 days after they are due are subject to a $30 reinstatement fee. 

2. Members who have let their dues lapse but want to return pay the full amount for the term in which they return, no prorations, plus the $30 reinstatement fee. 

3. New members pay a prorated amount for the remaining term in which they join. Those that join within 60 days a new billing period pay the prorated amount of $40 per month plus the amount of the upcoming period. 

4. Affiliate members who pay their own dues “own” their membership. Those paid by corporate belong to the affiliated company and not the individual.

REBA Caravan

1. Caravan Meetings. Caravan meetings are held every Wednesday in REBA’s conference room at 908 Kline Street, La Jolla, California, except for holidays. Caravan Meetings to be skipped will be announced the prior week or sooner. Caravan Meetings start promptly at 8:30 a.m. with introductions (of new members and affiliates present) and announcements followed by Open Pitches and then the property pitches for the Caravan tour (at approximately 9:00 a.m.) for the numbered properties on the Caravan tour sheet. Caravan Tour properties are not published on the MLS tour site. (Note about Parking: Park carefully, do not use adjacent business parking lots, and be mindful of the 1 & 2 hour zones.) 

2. Caravan Properties and Pitches. Caravan Tour property pitches are restricted to REBA members. REBA members interested in placing a property on tour must provide REBA with the property information by 2:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the Caravan If the property is not in the San Diego County MLS (presently San Diego MLS), the REBA member must then provide REBA with a copy of the signed listing agreement. A REBA member must be present to pitch the property, otherwise the property will be scratched from the Caravan Meeting and Caravan Tour. 

3. Caravan Attendees. Caravan Meetings and Caravan Tours are restricted to active, REBA members in good standing. Unlicensed or non-member assistants may not pitch properties or attend Caravan Meetings or Caravan Tours. REBA members may invite guests to attend Caravan Meetings or Caravan Tours, but guests must be part of the real estate community and pre-approved by REBA. All guests must sign in with the office upon arrival. Guests may not pitch properties or be introduced to the group. 

4. Caravan Tour Sheets. Only REBA members are allowed copies of Caravan Tour Sheet. Copying, forwarding, or otherwise distributing Caravan Tour Sheets to non- REBA members is strictly prohibited. 

5. For Sale and For Rent Signs. It is the long-standing policy of REBA that, as a condition of membership, its members agree not to display residential For Sale, For Rent, or Open House signs in La Jolla within the 92037-zip code. The only exception is the area east of Gilman Drive. This REBA policy does not apply to non-members or, commercial, new construction, and income property of five units or more and vacant land. REBA members must also follow any additional sign regulations, for example, those under San Diego Municipal Code § 142.1201 et seq., or as amended. 3 

6. Caravan Rules.

a. Caravan Tour open houses following the Caravan Meeting must be open for the hours scheduled on the Caravan Tour Sheet. Those are; La Jolla, 9:30-12:30; Pacific Beach, 10:00-1:00; UTC/University City/Clairemont, 11:00-1:00; Point Loma, 11:30- 2:00; Rancho Santa Fe/Carmel Valley/Del Mar, 1:00-4:00. 

b. Business cards are to be collected from every individual at the door of each property on tour. 

c. REBA members are prohibited from using open house and other directional real estate signs during caravan in the 92037 zip code. This is a BROKER caravan. 

d. Caravan Tour properties are for members of the trade only and may not be shown to prospective buyers during the published Caravan hours. 

e. Photographing or filming of any property on tour is strictly prohibited unless permission is obtained from the listing broker and homeowner. NO EXCEPTIONS 

f. Cell phone ringers must be off during Caravan Meetings. Phone conversations must be held outside. 

g. Smoking is not permitted in the REBA facilities , and smoking is not permitted during Caravan Tour open houses. 

h. The serving of alcoholic beverages at caravan open houses is prohibited. 

i. Tenants must be notified of the Caravan Tour open house, with notice given in accordance with the terms of the rental or lease agreement. 

j. It is unprofessional to make remarks about a property during tour. Owners may be present. No derogatory or degrading remarks should be made to buyers, sellers, or the general public about any REBA member. REBA’s great reputation in La Jolla is based on courtesy to principals. 

k. You are the guardian of your client’s home, remain alert and always be security conscious. Be sure to counsel them to secure all valuables including all prescription medications. If you ever feel your safety is at risk call 911. 

7. REBA Publications. Chit Chat, Rental Roster & Open House Sheets. The Chit Chat is a long REBA tradition for information and news items. Information for The Chit Chat and the Rental and weekend 0pen House sheets must be given to REBA by 2:00 p.m. Thursday. 4 These will be published via email on Friday.


REBA does have some volunteer committees: The Public Relations Committee, on which Members and Affiliate Members may serve. The Signs Committee, on which only members of the Board of Directors serve. 

The McNaught-Davis/Knox Award Committee is made up of past recipients 
• The Mc-Naught Davis/Knox Award is presented annually to that sales representative of a member firm who best exemplifies the qualities of personal integrity, community activity, service to the real estate profession, and salesmanship and cooperation with associates. This award is named after distinguished REBA agents Eric Mc Naught-Davis and S. Ralph Knox. It is the REBA version of the “Agent of the Year” award, and sales production is not a factor. 

The Broker’s Robert K. Smith Award chosen by the Board of Directors. 
• The La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association, in honor of Robert K. Smith, has created an annual award to be given to that Broker/Manager/Shareholder of a member firm who dedication to the real estate profession and unselfish service given to this Association. These same qualities have been ever evident in the distinguished career of Robert K. Smith with the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association. It is REBA’s version of Broker-of- the-Year, and sales or office production is not a factor. 

REBA Organization REBA is a for-profit corporation. Its shareholders must all be active California-licensed real estate brokers. REBA is not a party to any listing, sale or rental agreement. 

All media contacts regarding REBA shall be made by the President. Except as provided in these REBA Policies, the NAR Code of Ethics, the rules of the MLS and of the participating Associations of REALTORS shall be followed.